Charcoal Grilled BBQ vs Gas Grilled BBQ

on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Barbecue is always there when there is a celebration or party to celebrate special moments. But there are various kinds of barbeques, two of them are charcoal grilled bbq and gas grilled bbq. Those two kinds of barbecues are grilled in two different grill. Which one is the best grill?

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grill is a grill which the heat source comes from charcoals. It takes a while to grill barbeques using this kind of grill, because the hot temperature produced is not high, and the ingredients being grilled do not directly touch with the heat source. But this slowly cooking technique will make the grilled ingredients become softer and more moist. Moreover, the grill results have the typical smell of charcoal barbecue smokes.

There are various types and sizes of charcoal grills. The price is also pretty affordable. For the treatment, make sure you clean it after you used it. So that there is not traces of remaining foods stick in the grill.

Gas Grill

Gas grill is a grill which the heat source is from gas combustion. Different from charcoal grill, with this kind of grill you need relatively short time to get the ingredients cooked. It is because you are able to adjust the heat temperature.

The processed food results of this kind of grill also have its own characteristics. The high heat temperature and direct contact between the food ingredients with heat sources make the process of caramelization. You are able to see it from the brownish appearance in the surface of grilled meats. Moreover, the grilled food ingredients will be more juicy.

Gas grill tends to be easier to be used and cleaned. If you do not really like extensive smokes, this kind of grill is suitable for you because the smokes produced is just little when you make barbeque.

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