Coconut Charcoal for Beauty Treatment

on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hookah coal is usually used to grill the food especially when you are having BBQ and so does charcoal briquettes. The shape of the hookah charcoal is smaller, and each of them has similar shape; so they can be compiled on your grilling stove. We often relate the charcoal with barbecue, but actually a charcoal can also be used as a medical treatment. But not all type of charcoal that fit to this statement, only coconut charcoal that is now available as a medical instrument. To use coconut charcoal as medical treatment is not a mere myth, but they are already proven by scientific result. Coconut charcoal which is made from coconut shell is believed to have capability in absorbing toxic within human body; it is the reason why coconut charcoal is also called as the best charcoal.

It doesn’t mean that you can consume the hookah coal as it is, even though it is said that coconut charcoal might good to medical treatment; but actually, you can only consume the activation charcoal which is made into pills and powder. This wicked good charcoal are now available in various charcoal brands, but their raw materials are imported from Indonesia and South America. The coconut charcoal is then preceded for various purposes; one of them is as medical treatment. There are various ways in using the coconut charcoal powder, you can use activated charcoal for gas such as smelly fart; it can also be used to absorb toxin in your body that you got from your daily meal.

Coconut coals are now also used as a beauty treatment; it is treated to purify the skin. It is easily believed among beauty professional, since coconut charcoal is also applied on charcoal filter bed that help you to get rid of the impurities in your body. For a beauty treatment, the activated charcoal uses rose water as mixing water; it is believed to give maximum result compare to mineral water. It is mostly used as a mask rather than consumed pill. But coconut charcoal is not the only ingredient that needs to be add, the additional substances that you need to add will depend on its purpose.  If you use the coconut charcoal powder to as your facial mask, you need to add Aloe Vera juice, tea tree oil, and sea salt.  You can use coconut charcoal powder as it is, if you plan to use the charcoal powder as a tooth paste. So, now you need to consider using coconut charcoal for various purposes, not only to grill the barbecue.
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