The Art of Barbequing: Knowing Your Barbeque

on Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not many understand what it feels like to eat barbecued stuffs in a barbeque event or two. People have tasted many things with barbecue flavor on them, but rarely have they ever tasted the succulent ambrosia that is a real meat barbecued on top of your traditional charcoal barbeque grill. Yes, my friend, if you head over to any BBQ event, you will surely find food that will beat the snap out your bottled barbecue sauce. If you have eaten a meat cooked in any barbecue way, its flavor will haunt you in the most desperate of times.

That is, unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan, in which I do not know why you would read an article on barbecues. This is an anti-vegan zone, my friend, and if you see yourself as one, then I suggest you leave before you get converted into the meat-eater flock. If you are a vegan, reading this article will be a sin on itself.

If you see yourself as a proud devourer of flesh, then by all means continue reading this brief history on barbecue, which I hope will be something that can enlighten you flesh eaters surrounding this heavenly meat manna.

Why is barbeque called barbeque

Before we begin talking about barbecue and its variants, we need to know first about why barbecue is called a barbecue. Not many knows it, but the word barbecue (or barbeque, both are right) comes from the Spanish lexicon. The word in question is barbacoa, which kind of resembles barbecue for a bit. Barbacoa itself comes from barabicu which is some sort of Caribbean. I do not know why barabicu turned into barbacoa, but I think it comes from the Spanish’s inability to let the native’s culture and language stay that way.

What to barbeque on a barbequing event

In a barbecuing event, the only thing that you cannot barbecue is your imagination. Everything works great when it touches the barbecue grill. Many people have barbecued things like pineapple and some thought that a coconut barbeque is a good food. I do believe that when it comes to taste, people should have the freedom of deciding whether it is a tasty food or not. Especially when it comes to barbeque.

Barbecue is a very popular event all over the world, and many countries got their own names for an event where barbecues are concerned. Some countries, however, have not got their barbecue game on. Countries like Indonesia sure got its own BBQ Indonesia crowd, but they are not that popular because a barbecue event is somewhat expensive to hold. Barbeque is a luxury that not many Indonesians can afford, hence its lack of presence in the maritime country.

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3 Benefits of Coconut Barbeque for Your Health

on Sunday, April 1, 2018

Do you like drinking coconut water? It tastes fresh and delicious. Coconut barbecue can become an alternative choice of healthy drink. It brings several benefits for your health. It is a coconut grilled before being consumed. It is a creation of coconut water drink offering some great benefits.

Increasing Body Endurance

Drinking coconut barbeque is trusted to handle weak body condition so that it makes you more enthusiastic and better body endurance. The warm water of coconut barbeque feels great in your body and increase your body endurance.

Curing Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Though a genetical factor is influencing much but a wrong lifestyle takes an important factor to stimulate diabetes. By consuming coconut barbeque, it is trusted to help to handle diabetes. Of course, the serving is added honey and milk. It makes the taste of coconut barbeque more delicious and fresh.

Accelerating Pregnancy

The next benefit of drinking coconut barbecue is trusted to help your pregnancy. If you get difficulties for pregnant, you can try to drink this beverage. Drink this coconut barbeque regularly until you feel the benefit. Is it proven clinically? Though it is not proven clinically, it is not wrong to try to consume this coconut barbeque. It refreshes your mind and body with some amazing benefits of this coconut water.

Those are not proven medically because there are no further studies ahead coconut barbeque. However, the experience of the people drinking it cannot be neglected. It is possibly caused by the additional of herbs influencing some benefits of coconut barbeque. Because you know that some herbs such as red ginger, cinnamon, and many more are useful for your health. Thus, it is not wrong to consume this drink. The taste is good, warming, and gaining health benefits. If you get difficulties to find the sellers of coconut barbeque, you can make it at home.

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Charcoal Grilled BBQ vs Gas Grilled BBQ

on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Barbecue is always there when there is a celebration or party to celebrate special moments. But there are various kinds of barbeques, two of them are charcoal grilled bbq and gas grilled bbq. Those two kinds of barbecues are grilled in two different grill. Which one is the best grill?

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grill is a grill which the heat source comes from charcoals. It takes a while to grill barbeques using this kind of grill, because the hot temperature produced is not high, and the ingredients being grilled do not directly touch with the heat source. But this slowly cooking technique will make the grilled ingredients become softer and more moist. Moreover, the grill results have the typical smell of charcoal barbecue smokes.

There are various types and sizes of charcoal grills. The price is also pretty affordable. For the treatment, make sure you clean it after you used it. So that there is not traces of remaining foods stick in the grill.

Gas Grill

Gas grill is a grill which the heat source is from gas combustion. Different from charcoal grill, with this kind of grill you need relatively short time to get the ingredients cooked. It is because you are able to adjust the heat temperature.

The processed food results of this kind of grill also have its own characteristics. The high heat temperature and direct contact between the food ingredients with heat sources make the process of caramelization. You are able to see it from the brownish appearance in the surface of grilled meats. Moreover, the grilled food ingredients will be more juicy.

Gas grill tends to be easier to be used and cleaned. If you do not really like extensive smokes, this kind of grill is suitable for you because the smokes produced is just little when you make barbeque.

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4 Favorite Menus for BBQ Indonesia

on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Almost all people ever held a BBQ party every year. This party is also held for some Indonesians. The Indonesians surely have different menus to serve in the party. You can look at some delicious menus served in BBQ Indonesia.

  • Chicken

Beef becomes the most favorite ingredient cooked for BBQ dish in most of countries. However, in Indonesia, there are some different menus for BBQ party. Chicken becomes a choice cooked for BBQ party. The slice of chicken with yellow seasoning is baked with the remaining seasoning and soy sauce. To differentiate the taste, some people cook it to be baked chicken and honey chicken.

  • Beef

For the next menu of BBQ Indonesia, you can take beef. Most of the people choose to cook beef to be satay. In addition, there are some people selecting to make patty burger grilled on the charcoal. To add some food variants, sausage often includes to be the food ingredient list for BBQ party in the new year eve.

  • Fish

Fish becomes the most popular bbq menu in Indonesia. The most favorite fishes to bake are carp and pomfret. The gurameh fish have a medium size so that it is easy to bake. The most favorite seasoning is cooked with soy sauce. It tastes so sweet, salty, and delicious when you cook with this seasoning recipe.

  • Shrimp and Squid

Shrimp and squid become a favorite menu when you hold a bbq party in Indonesia. Choose medium size shrimp and fresh squid. The fresh seafood is tasty and delicious though you give simple seasoning like salt, lime, and ketchup. But, if you have no idea to cook those ingredients, you can find the recipes in internet, magazine, or your creation. Those menus of BBQ Indonesia look so yummy and tasty. You can eat it with a plate of rice or eat it directly.

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4 Things Needed for Celebrating a Party of BBQ

on Saturday, March 10, 2018

In New Year Eve, of course there are many traditions that can be conducted. One of the main choices is conducting a party of BBQ. There is a different sensation when you grill some delicious bbq menus together with your friends, family, and relatives. It makes the situation intimate.

Barbecue Grill

The first barbeque tool is grill. There are many types of barbeque grill that can be chosen. It starts from electric type using gas tube. It needs to consider a safety and practical factors. If your outdoor garden area is not too big, it is better to use electric barbeque or gas grill because it is not producing much smoke. Meanwhile, if you love smoky taste on the meat, you can select charcoal barbeque.

BBQ Ingredients

Another tool and thing to need for BBQ is ingredients. After preparing a right grill, you need to shop ingredients for being grilled. Almost all food ingredients are appropriate for being grilled. However, some main foods for barbeque are sausage, corn, chicken steak, beef steak, shrimp, ribs, and meat satay completed by pepper. Are you hungry when you imagine it?

Barbeque Sauce
To make the taste of meat, the tools of barbecue to prepare is BBQ sauce. Marinade sauce has a function to make the taste absorbed to inside in the meat. Before and after being grilled, you need to spread sauce on the meat in order to make the taste of this BBQ menu is tastier and yummier. It is not only available in BBQ sauce flavor, but it is available in teriyaki sauce.


The last barbeque tool needed is tongs. It is used to spread BBQ sauce and versatile stick in order to make a process turn a grilled meat easily. If you have no tongs, you can change it with spatula or bbq fork. It is important to consider the distance of those tools with your hands. Those are some things needed for BBQ.

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3 Cooking Styles for Serving Menus BBQ Indonesia

on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A term of barbeque sounds familiar used for traditional Indonesia foods. The Indonesians call it grilled in which it has uniqueness. There are some cooking style for serving menus of BBQ Indonesia. You can select one of the cooking styles.

Balinese Betutu

This grilled menu is conducted on the charcoal flame. It is called Balinese Betutu menu. It is a call for traditional Balinese food usually taking chicken or duck. Both chicken and duck are given typical seasoning and then grilled on the charcoal flame. The charcoal flame is a grill process using the rest of the rice charcoal. This grill technique is then making the menu of betutu taste delicious and have a typical aroma. Betutu is used for a dish of religious ceremonies and tradition ceremonies. But, it is often a dish sold in some restaurants in Bali.


Satay is a popular dish in Indonesia and often called to be BBQ Indonesia. The taste of satay is famous for international and abroad. It is very popular in Java but it is found in all over Indonesia. For example, Maranggi satay in Purwakarta, Maduranese Satay, and many more. Satay is slice of chicken, beef, or lamb flesh usually inserted on the wooden stick or iron. Before it is cooked and grilled, it has been got seasoning and grilled on the charcoal.

Grilled Chicken and Fish

Despite of those menus, Indonesia has the other BBQ style menus such as grilled chicken and fish. The menus are so popular being a main menu in restaurant. The seasoned chicken and fish are baked and grilled on the charcoal or coconut charcoal until it is cooked well. It is to be a menu of BBQ Indonesia. Taste of this menu is so delicious with a combination of salty, full of spicy, and sweet.

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Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon - A Real Alternate for Coal Based Heating

on Thursday, May 19, 2016

There are several disadvantages by the usage of coal in the domestic and industrial sector. Carbon dioxide is released by the burning of coal, a greenhouse gas which causes major global warming and climate change. It also creates respiratory problems to human beings. According to a recent research study, the consumption of coal in the industrial and domestic purpose increases the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Coal carbon also creates dust nuisance in the air. The consumption of coal generally generates a several waste products, which are bottom ash, fly ash, flue gas desulfurization sludge, that also contain uranium, mercury, arsenic, thorium, and other heavy metals. Most of the coal-fired power plants which are without any effective fly ash capture are one of the largest sources of human-caused radiation exposure in the environment. Coal-fired power plant releases a large emission which includes selenium, mercury, and arsenic that are really harmful to the environment and human health.

Therefore the coconut products, mainly shell based carbon, is a real alternate for coal based heating. Activated carbon, also popularly known as activated coal or activated charcoal is a kind of carbon which has been manufactured to make it extremely porous and therefore have a very large surface area available for chemical reactions or adsorption. The activated carbon is the key raw material used for the purification of water sources and removal of organic substances. It is generally used in space suits for air cleaning too. There is a growing demand for powder activated carbon, activated carbon fibers and coconut shell charcoal in the global market from activated carbon suppliers. In the medical field, coconut shell powder is used in medicine to treat poisonings, for precious metal recovery, to distill alcoholic beverages and in gas purification.

As it is derived from organic substances such as coconut shells, coconut shell carbon is widely used in various environmental applications like spill cleanup and capturing volatile compounds from painting and dry cleaning. In order to get good quality coconut shell charcoal and coconut shell carbon, the manufacturing concerns use fully dried, clean, mature coconut palm shells on the instruction of their suppliers to meet the market demand. The granular carbon is always preferred for adsorption of gases and vapors as their rate of diffusion is faster. The activated carbons pellets are made especially for use in vapor applications in industries. The carbon fibers too. Aquarium charcoal or activated carbon is used as a water filter in fish aquariums. carbon pellets is made especially for use in a vapor applications. The product is highly double screened and DE-dusted in the normal process and prior to packaging to assure a very clean, dust free product and hard with long service lifespan.

Best Product : 

this my spesification for my best product :
Brand : ARRA
Size : 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
Moisture , max 6%
Ash Content , max 2,4%
Volatile Metter , max 13%
Fix Carbon , min 85%
Calorific Value , up to 7500 Kcal /Kg
Heat Content , up to 600 C
Ignition Time , max 10 minutes
Glowing Time , min 2 hours

100% pure organic & natural ingredients, No Taste, No Smell, Smoke Free Spark Free
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