Spicy BBQ Indonesia Worth to Try

on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Although it is basically still the same barbeque, BBQ Indonesia tends to have different taste and aroma. With typical Asian foods, this BBQ tastes stronger. Of course, it is because the spices used are more as well. Just compare it to the western barbeque that may only need salt and pepper. So, are you interested to make it? Here they are.


Surely, you need meat as usual. The way to treat the meat is also basically the same in which you must slice it into some parts. Make sure that the meat is not too thin or too thick. Not only is it to avoid the meat being more easily overcooked, the thickness highly influences the spices to absorb.

Meanwhile, for the ingredients, you have to prepare many things. Well, salt and pepper must be there. But then, there must also be sugar, soy sauce, sugar, and pulverized onion. There are blended at once. For cooking, you also must prepare more vegetable oil and butter.

How to make it

Before the meat slices are put on the roaster, they should be smear by the oil and butter at first. it is okay to soak the meat into the spice since the beginning. However, the results will be better when they are soaked in half-cooked conditions. This process must be done several times until you are sure that the meat slices have been cooked well. In other words, you can leave the cooking area even for a while. You can also try to apply traditional ways like charcoal barbeque using the same spices.

For the rest, it is not different from western barbecue in which you need to use medium heat and others. Just after the BBQ Indonesia is cooked well, you must wait for some minutes to make sure that it is really soft and tender. This kind of BBQ actually doesn’t need sauce since it is already spicy enough. But if you want, tomato sauce is enough. Serve it together with coconut barbeque.

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