Circle Coconut Shell Charcoal For Shisha

on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Do you need charcoals that fit with the size of the Shisha bowl? If it is so, the answer will be Shisha circle charcoals. For Shisha circle charcoal users, this product is easy to handle. They can put the Shisha circle charcoals as many as they want to the bowl without any additional treatment. Let's find out important information about this product.

Easy to Apply to the Shisha Bowl
This is one of the best options because circle charcoals are easy to apply to the Shisha bowl. You can put the charcoals just like a puzzle. Because of that, you can also control the use of charcoal so you don't use too many charcoals. Remember! The number of charcoals used in the bowl determines the sensation of the Shisha.

Perfect Size
The easy application can't be separated from the size of the circle charcoals. Nowadays, you can choose one of two Shisha circle charcoals. For those who need a lot of circle charcoals, you can choose circle (1/4) 25mm x 25mm = 1 Kg = 80 pcs. If you are a typical smoker who loves to use precise charcoal, you may take the circle (1/3) 25mm x 26mm = 1Kg = 72 pcs. You might have less piece of charcoal but the size is fit enough on your Shisha bowl.

Good Quality of Charcoals
Some manufacturers are offering quarter-circle charcoals. The products are good where the charcoals help to produce moderate heat in the burning process. The moderate heat is perfect to burn the tobacco and any ingredients slowly so you get the amazing sensation while inhaling the Shisha smoke.

Aesthetic Sense
Quarter circle charcoals is fit enough with the Shisha bowl. The shape are also cool enough to see. This combination creates an aesthetic sensation and it boosts your mood to smoke Shisha. Moreover, the ash after the burning process is also controlled well. You will not see scattered ashes because the bowl can cover it perfectly.

Good Coal Consumption Management
The reason why you have to spend extra money while smoking Shisha is because you have to buy charcoals over and over again. It is hard to manage the charcoal consumption without knowing the right number of charcoals you have to put on the bowl. Quarter circle charcoals solve the problem by giving the right number of charcoals anytime you want to smoke Shisha. As a result, you have a better charcoals consumption management than before.

The best part is that you can save your money only because you are using Shisha circle charcoals. No more useless charcoals on the bowl. It becomes an effective charcoal consumption for a better Shisha smoking sensation.

Premium spec :
- ash content : max 2.4%
- calorie : up to 7000kkal
- volatile : max 13%
- fix carbon : up to 85%
- color : white/grey

Standart spec :
- ash content : max 3%
- calorie : up to 6000kkal
- volatile : max 15%
- fix carbon : up to 80%
- color : white / grey
Ranking: 5

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