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The Perception of Barbeque Is Big No

Many people prefer to stay up when welcome a new year or big religion day. Most of the people will be enthusiastic by baking corn, meat, or sausage. The taste will be more delicious and yummy with the spread of barbeque sauce. It is not surprising anymore in which this agenda is called barbeque. Do you know that it is not a real barbeque agenda?

Wrong Perception and Opinion about Barbeque

What is barbeque? Describing barbeque is rather difficult. When you regard the time for baking and grilling some food ingredients to be a barbeque, it is a wrong perception and opinion. A method in baking and grilling meat on the charcoal currently is grill method. With this method, charcoal will burn food ingredients on the charcoal grill. This cooking style uses high temperature and quick time to cook any food ingredients until it is really cooked.

Meanwhile, a barbeque style is otherwise. Barbeque uses a low temperature but the cooking process takes a longer time. This barbeque method cannot be conducted in 1 to 2 hours only. In making this barbeque, you can spend time for more than 10 hours. However, due to the low temperature, grilled beef and meat will not be overcooked. To cook with a barbeque style, you must have a long patient to wait and cook it.

The outside layer will form a black layer but it is not called to be overcooked. But, it is stain of caramelized seasoning on the ingredients. The most difficult method in making barbeque is keeping heat consistency in a grill tool. A cooking way for barbeque is conducted since the heat in the grill has been stable. So, a cooking method with a grill or bake is not always called to be a barbeque because sometimes it takes shorter and faster time. 

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