What is Coconut Barbeque and how is to make it?

on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Beef or chicken BBQ is probably something common around. But have you ever heard coconut barbeque? Well, it sounds strange anyway. But in some Asian countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia, this meal is quite common. Interestingly, it can be served together with the meat to enrich the taste. So, how is it?

Asian Coconut Barbeque

If you cannot find any good meat for your barbeque party, this fruit is a good alternative. Make sure that the coconut you buy is not too young and not too old. The meat of coconut should be soft and tender but also spicy. Actually, you can just simply grill or roast it even without any spice. Well, the natural taste from the coconut is the main key point here. However, it is okay to add some other spices but in minimalist ways. They are salt, pepper, and palm sugar.

Additional Meal for Beef Barbeque

Interestingly, the coconut barbeque can also make your meat barbeque tastier. There are some many ways for doing this actually. If you are a little bit struggling in it, the easiest way is to grill the coconut just before grilling the beef, chicken, and others. The aroma of coconut still stays on the area of pan or roaster. Then, when the meat is grilled there, it just tends to be more delicious especially if you also apply the traditional ways like charcoal barbeque.

You can also remain few parts of coconut meat as the addition spice for the beef. Produce around a cup of coconut milk and then pour some salt, pepper, and palm sugar there. The slices of beef are then soaked on the milk before being grilled. It can just produce taste which is different from the common barbeque. Yes, the taste of Southeastern Asia like BBQ Indonesia feels stronger here. The spices tend to be richer due to the coconut milk which is indeed so sweet and spicy.

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