Briquette Cube Coconut Shell Charcoal For Shisha

on Monday, February 10, 2020

Coal is one of the most important elements in Shisha. It is burned material and heats the ingredients so you can enjoy a great Shisha flavor and sensation. For a simpler option, you can choose Shisha coal cubes. Lets talk about the types of the best option for Shisha cube.

The best Shisha coal cube is made of natural and raw ingredients. One of the most popular Shisha coal is made of coconut. Shisha smokers love to use coconut coal cubes because it has a long burning time. Moreover, they can feel the strong coconut flavor while smoking and smell the smoke.

The longer the burning time, the better because it means you can enjoy longer smoking without adding the coal over and over again. The burning time is different for each coal cube. The average coal cube burning time is around 10 minutes to 1.5 hours. After the burning time is ended, you have to refill it with new cubes if you still want to smoke.

Although it looks the same, each coal cubes has a different ash production level. It is better to choose a coal cube that produces less ash after you burn it. Using coal with less ash production is effective so you don't have to take more time to clean the ash on the Shisha.

The Package of Shisha Coal Cube
The Shisha coal cubes package is various. There are at least three different cube sizes which are 22mm, 25mm, and 26mm. Each of the packages has a different number of coal cubes. For cube 22mm x 22mm x 22mm = 1 Kg = 96 pcs. It is good option for Shisha smokers who want to spend time with the best friends to smoke Shisha while discussing everything. It is also a good for a small business that offers Shisha for its customers. There is also cube 25mm x 25mm x 25mm = 1 Kg = 72 pcs. It is great for those who want to enjoy Shisha slowly with a longer burning time. You just need to use bigger Shisha coal cubes and enjoy the Shisha for a few hours. The biggest size is cube 26mm x 26mm x 26mm = 1 Kg = 64 pcs. This coal is a good option if you don't want to put a lot of coal cubes on the Shisha bowl. You can just put a few of the cubes and get ready to have fun with the Shisha.

So, just consider the elements above to find the best Shisha coal cubes that suitable for you. The best coal cubes determine your experience in smoking Shisha.

Premium spec :
- ash content : max 2.4%
- calorie : up to 7000kkal
- volatile : max 13%
- fix carbon : up to 85%
- color : white/grey

Standart spec :
- ash content : max 3%
- calorie : up to 6000kkal
- volatile : max 15%
- fix carbon : up to 80%
- color : white / grey
Ranking: 5

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