Finger or Stick Coconut Shell Charcoal For Shisha

on Thursday, January 9, 2020

One of the ways to enjoy Shisha effectively and comfortably is by choosing the best Shisha charcoal shape. You may use Shisha finger stick charcoals because of some reasons. For Shisha finger / stick charcoal advanced users, this product gives more benefits than other shapes. Indeed, beginner Shisha smokers need to know about it.

Good Charchoals Supply
Have you counted how many charcoals use when you are smoking Shisha? You might need a lot of charcoals if you use small shape charcoals. The case is different if you take finger stick coals. The size is designed to give you a good charcoal supply to smoke Shisha. A finger / stick charcoal is enough to support your smoking Shisha activity for up to an hour. No more problem because you add too many coals on the bowl or too many ashes on the bowl.

The Quality
The quality of the finger stick charcoal is better than the traditional one. Most of the products are formulated by using high-quality natural materials. Nowadays, you can also find a finger stick charcoal made of organic material. The manufacturers also try to produce a durable product that canâ??t easily roll and break. This is also the reason why the best finger stick charcoals have longer burning time. Smokers will not feel uncomfortable because of bad smell from the material before, while, and after burning the coals.

Gives the Best Option
The most popular finger stick charcoal size is 20mm x 35mm. For those who want to start a business along with Shisha on it, you might choose the finger / stick 20mm x 35mm = 1 Kg = 100 pcs. This package gives you enough charcoals supply for your customers who want to smoke Shisha. Remember! Shisha finger stick charcoals are more economic and smokers donâ??t have to use the charcoals as many as the small charcoals.

Easy to Buy
Charcoal manufacturers want to fill the need of their customers. Thatâ??s why you can find this product easily in the market. Nowadays, you can also buy finger stick charcoals for Shisha from reputable online stores. Along with a lot of benefits and an interesting package, Shisha smokers are looking for this charcoal.
The point is that you finally know why Shisha smokers choose finger stick charcoals. You may also try this product after knowing the benefits you will get from it. The idea is that you can smoke Shisha anytime and anywhere you want comfortably without running out of charcoals. You will have enough supply by using Shisha finger stick charcoals. For a massive usage, it is better to buy 1 Kg where you will get up to 100 pcs Shisha finger stick charcoals.

Premium spec :
- ash content : max 2.4%
- calorie : up to 7000kkal
- volatile : max 13%
- fix carbon : up to 85%
- color : white/grey

Standart spec :
- ash content : max 3%
- calorie : up to 6000kkal
- volatile : max 15%
- fix carbon : up to 80%
- color : white/grey
Ranking: 5

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