Innovative Products from Coconut Shells

on Sunday, January 3, 2016

When people are thinking about tropical area, there is no question that they imagine about the tropical beach completed with the coconut tree. It must be great for enjoying the beach while drinking fresh coconut water. After the coconut water run out, people maybe will not use the shell any longer. In fact, nowadays people can find innovative products which are made from coconut shell such as coconut charcoal. People of course will imagine about holding bbq party in the nice and warm evening with friend of family but they usually use the regular charcoal instead of coconut coals. In fact, the coal which is made from coconut shell can be the best charcoal which can be found these days according to various aspects from efficiency and environmental aspect.

People maybe a big question about why they have to replace their regular charcoal with the charcoal briquettes when they want to grill the foods during the barbecue party. From so many charcoal brands which can be found on the market, people will admit that the coconut coal must be the best charcoal option when they realize about its benefits. It can deliver higher heat than the regular one which means that they do not have to use the charcoal in large amount for keeping the heat constant and cooking the food faster. This circumstance offers people with another advantage which makes them think that charcoal from coconut shell is truly wicked good charcoal option in the world these days because they can save more money by using the coconut coal. They no longer have to prepare large amount of regular charcoal with barbecue grill for keeping everyone satisfied during the party for sure. The most important thing is that the coconut charcoal is environmental friendly charcoal which people can use without guilty feeling to the environment.

The innovative product which is made from coconut shell does not end in the charcoal because there are also some other products including charcoal filter. It will be used a lot in planting technique without soil which is also called hydroponic. The coconut shell can also be made into activated charcoal for gas which is useful for health. The great activated charcoal uses of course will help people to solve their intestinal gas which can bring uncomfortable feeling in their daily life. People will think that coconut shell is no longer become unwanted garbage from the coconut tree because it can also be made into hookah coal.
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