4 Favorite Menus for BBQ Indonesia

on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Almost all people ever held a BBQ party every year. This party is also held for some Indonesians. The Indonesians surely have different menus to serve in the party. You can look at some delicious menus served in BBQ Indonesia.

  • Chicken

Beef becomes the most favorite ingredient cooked for BBQ dish in most of countries. However, in Indonesia, there are some different menus for BBQ party. Chicken becomes a choice cooked for BBQ party. The slice of chicken with yellow seasoning is baked with the remaining seasoning and soy sauce. To differentiate the taste, some people cook it to be baked chicken and honey chicken.

  • Beef

For the next menu of BBQ Indonesia, you can take beef. Most of the people choose to cook beef to be satay. In addition, there are some people selecting to make patty burger grilled on the charcoal. To add some food variants, sausage often includes to be the food ingredient list for BBQ party in the new year eve.

  • Fish

Fish becomes the most popular bbq menu in Indonesia. The most favorite fishes to bake are carp and pomfret. The gurameh fish have a medium size so that it is easy to bake. The most favorite seasoning is cooked with soy sauce. It tastes so sweet, salty, and delicious when you cook with this seasoning recipe.

  • Shrimp and Squid

Shrimp and squid become a favorite menu when you hold a bbq party in Indonesia. Choose medium size shrimp and fresh squid. The fresh seafood is tasty and delicious though you give simple seasoning like salt, lime, and ketchup. But, if you have no idea to cook those ingredients, you can find the recipes in internet, magazine, or your creation. Those menus of BBQ Indonesia look so yummy and tasty. You can eat it with a plate of rice or eat it directly.

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