The Reasons of Choosing Coconut Coals for Hookah

on Sunday, March 1, 2015

The use of coconut coals is popular today. This is concerning to the fact that this product has several advantages if it is compared than ordinary charcoal. The main reason of using this new charcoal is because this product is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Several businesses which use charcoal are also changing the use of ordinary charcoal into coconut coals. One of them is hookah business. Charcoal is an important element in hookah especially to smoke it well. The good news is that coconut charcoal can be used as an alternative. In fact, coconut charcoal has several good characteristics which can be used to support hookah well. Coconut charcoal is hard along with high level of density. The most important thing is that this product is easy to ignite and turn the fire longer than ordinary charcoal. In the case of hardness, the charcoal has to be hard so it doesn’t easily break especially if you pick it up with tong. Moreover, you also to make sure that the charcoal used for hookah is heavy enough. In specific, charcoal has to be heavier than water. Of course, the time to ignite is very important to keep your satisfactory in enjoying hookah. Commonly, the charcoal has to keep the ignition up to 10 minutes. For hookah, charcoal has to keep the ignition for 60 minutes. The flame after the charcoal burned has to be stable. It has to be stable around 45 minutes and it shows that the charcoal is a high quality product.

There is a case that sometimes you smell specific odor when the charcoal is burned. For your information, high quality charcoal doesn’t produce bad odor. Even, if you smell odor, the smell will be gone in a few minutes. Besides no odor at all, high quality charcoal doesn’t produce a lot of smoke. It is the same with odor, even if you see smoke it will be gone in a few minutes. In conclusion, charcoal still produce smell and smoke but it is gone in very short of time. You will also not see sparkling when the charcoal is burned. So, what is the relationship of those charcoal characteristics and coconut coals? The answer is that coconut coals have those characteristics. So, you can use this product to support your business especially if you are served hookah to your customers. For your reference, you can take Indonesia coconut coal product to satisfy hookah smokers. 
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