Hexagonal Coconut Shell Charcoal For Barbeque

on Sunday, February 23, 2020

Good Option for Shisha and Barbeque Party
Barbeque hexagon charcoal is a good option whether for smoking Shisha or barbeque party. The shape is unique and bigger than the traditional shape. Due to the shape, this product has longer burning time. The shape covers the bowl or barbeque grill to keep the heat source so you can still smoke Shisha or grill the barbeque ingredients perfectly.

It has a Consistent Heat
The charcoal is designed for a particular reason. One of the reasons is to make the product produces consistent heat when the users burn it. Indeed, smoking Shisha with a more consistent heat will be great. At the same time, you can also cook some ingredients on the grill perfectly just like what you want because of the perfect heat level. The consistent heat produced while smoking help beginner Shisha smokers to feel a more comfortable trial. As a result, they will smoke Shisha again next time.

Good Size for a Maximal Usage
You might buy 50mm x 100mm Shisha hexagonal charcoals. The number of charcoals you get is various. You may take hexagonal 50mm x 100mm = 10 Kg for massive usage. Just imagine how many charcoals you will use if you use them for celebrating a barbeque party as well as smoking Shisha. This package is a perfect one whether for party or business. You will not run out of charcoal stock in the middle of the party and you can enjoy it until the end of the event.

It Offers Longer Burning Time
Shisha hexagonal charcoals are designed longer than traditional charcoal. Because of that, this product also has a longer burning time. It is a good option for long period usage such as smoking Shisha while talking with your best friends or grilling some ingredients in a barbeque party. The longer burning time is coming from the quality of the material as well as the design.

Natural Materials
It is good to use hexagonal charcoal made of natural materials. You can find such kind of products easily in the market. Commonly, the charcoals are made of bamboo or wood. Those two materials are used because they are tasteless and don't produce bad smell or odor. It is an important consideration so the taste and smell don't disturb your comfort while enjoying Shisha. Furthermore, you will have delicious barbeque meals without any uncomfortable smell or taste from the charcoals.

In conclusion, you need to have enough Shisha hexagonal charcoals stock at home. You can invite your friends anytime you want and smoke Shisha. Meanwhile, use the rest of the charcoals to grill ingredients for a delicious barbeque menu.

spec :
- ash content : max 9%
- calorie : up to 6000kkal
- volatile : max 15%
- fix carbon : up to 75%
- color : white/grey
Ranking: 5

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