Hexagonal Coconut Shell Charcoal For Shisha

on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

There are several charcoal sizes available in the market for Shisha. One of them is Shisha charcoal hexagonal. You need to know the advantages of using this type of coal compared to the other shapes before using it. The information can be your consideration for Shisha hexagonal coal while smoking Shisha.

The Shape
One of the benefits is its unique shape. The shape keeps you easy to take the coals and put them to the Shisha bowl before burning it. Hexagonal charcoals are also fit enough with the size of the bowl so you can burn them perfectly. The charcoals are also burned maximally which boosts the flavor and smell. Hexagon charcoal is also considered as the largest product so you dont have to put too many charcoals on the bowl. By putting one or two hexagon charcoals you can smoke Shisha with your friends for a few minutes or hours.

The Material
Shisha smokers often use Hexagon Shisha coals because of the material. Some of the products are made by considering environmentally friendly rules. Due to this commitment, the products are made of natural materials including coconut shells, lemonwood, and bamboo. The natural material produces a good smell that gives a unique sensation while enjoying Shisha.

The Size
The size is also the reason why Shisha smokers love to use Shisha charcoal hexagonal than the others. It is the largest charcoal so you can economize the coal. There are two different hexagonal coals you can buy in the market. The first product is hexagonal 20mm x 50mm = 1 Kg = 60 pcs. You can choose this coal if you want to have stock that can be used anytime you want. The second product is hexagonal 22mm x 48mm = 1 Kg = 56 pcs. It is smaller than the first version but this coal is an economic package. The best part is that you can invite your friends to come and smoking Shisha together without loosing too many charcoals.

Longer Burning Time
Another advantage of using hexagon charcoal is that the longer burning time. This type of coal can be burned up to 90 minutes although it also depends on the materials used. The burning time is enough to enjoy Shisha in your free time. One thing for sure is that you can limit the use of coal without losing the excitement of smoking Shisha.

Now, you dont need to get confused about which one of charcoals you have to use. You may choose to use Shisha charcoal hexagonal because it gives a lot of advantages. One of the best advantages is that you can enjoy economic Shisha charcoal hexagonal without losing the great sensation of smoking Shisha and even better than others.

Premium spec :
- ash content : max 2.4%
- calorie : up to 7000kkal
- volatile : max 13%
- fix carbon : up to 85%
- color : white/grey

Standart spec :
- ash content : max 3%
- calorie : up to 6000kkal
- volatile : max 15%
- fix carbon : up to 80%
- color : white/grey
Ranking: 5

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