3 Simple Tips for Soft and Juicy Barbeque

on Monday, July 23, 2018

Here is a common problem faced by many common people while making home barbeque. It is that the cooked met cannot be soft, tender, and juicy. Particularly for the beef, it is then suggested to bake it in some more minutes to make it really juicy in the middle. Unfortunately, it is not without any side effect. Well, the outer part can just be simply overcooked. So, what should we do to solve this problem?

Medium Thickness for around 4cm

When slicing the meat for BBQ, make sure that it is not too thin or too thick. Both tend to give a problem for your meat whether it is overcooked or still raw in the middle. So, you should slice in medium thickness for around 4 cm. Besides, if you are not experienced enough, the meat should also not too wide. Divide a big meat into many slices is even better for juicier results particularly for BBQ Charcoal.

Simple Spices

It is actually all about the taste actually. However, barbeque tastes better when it only applies simple spices. Salt and pepper are enough. But if you want the pan-seared barbeque, you can add butter and thyme. This is not only to make the original taste will come out more. Such spices are able to make the meat softer in faster ways. Therefore, overcooked matter can just be prevented. It is for the exception if you want to make coconut barbeque or BBQ Indonesia.

Rest It before Serving

Hot barbeque is indeed really tempting. However, the meat sometimes still remains hard to bite. The taste from the spices is also still not spreading entirely. The best way of serving barbeque is actually by letting rest it for a while before plating. It is mainly to let it tenderer as well as more delicious. You don’t need to wait it until it is cold. Around 5-10 minutes are enough for the best barbeque.

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