The Function of Coconut Carbon in Medical Treatment

on Sunday, August 2, 2015

If we talk about charcoal, we often retrieve the linkage of charcoal with barbecue; it can be said that charcoal is mainly used as kitchen need. But sometimes, charcoal can also be used for different purpose especially the charcoal which is made from coconut shell. Coconut charcoal is actually used for medicine for hundred years, because it absorbs the toxin; it is also the best charcoal for cooking especially barbecue. coconut coals is easily found around Asia and south America, since they have a lot number of coconut plans on their surrounded land; now they are available in various charcoal brands, one of them is introduced by coconut charcoal Indonesia. But coconut charcoal is not only used to grill your BBQ meal, it can also be used for various purposes such as to brush the teeth, to treat the spider bite and food poisoning. Hookah coal is often used to gill the food, but the powder version is mostly used for medical and beauty treatment.

Activated charcoal uses water as the main instrument to move the substance to the digestion system, similar manner is done to treat food poisoning. It is actually made from coconut charcoal, but then the charcoal briquettes are massed into powder or pill for medical purpose. This wicked good charcoal can also work well with sorbitol, but not with Eskalith, Lithobid, sodium, iron, lead, arsenic, iodine, fluorine, alcohol, and hydrocarbons. To use coconut charcoal as a medical treatment especially flatulence, you need to consume its powder 2 hours after you take your meal and one and half hour before the meal. It can’t be used for daily use, since consuming coconut charcoal is only preferred as an intermittent treatment. To use activated charcoal for gas problem is also possible, it has been proofed that coconut charcoal is also effective in treating intestinal gas and smelly farts.

Even though many people assumed that coconut charcoal will also help you to treat hangover, but the recent studies argue that coconut charcoal has no ability to absorb the poison which is caused by alcohol such as ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, glycols, and acetone. Coconut charcoal is also used for beauty purpose, people are now began to used activated charcoal powder for a mask by adding rosewater, Aloe Vera gel, and tee tree oil  to get rid of acne. Charcoal filter is another type of treatment that fit those who want to contaminants and impurities by adding activated carbon on their beds.
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