The Use of Activate Charcoal for Medication Treatment

on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Do you know that charcoal is also useful for your health? Yes! The most important thing you should know about charcoal for health is that you have to choose an activated charcoal. Actually, there is also activated charcoal for gas. In this case, the activated charcoal is made of the same material with the ordinary charcoals. The different is that the activated charcoal is heated first to produce specific gas. Because of the gas, there will be a lot of open spaces around the charcoal and those spaces are used to trap useful chemicals.

One of the benefits of activated charcoal is used as an emergency poisoning medicine. Moreover, activated charcoal is also useful to treat gas within your stomach or usually known as flatulence is also considered as a popular medication to do. Commonly, activated charcoal for gas is offered in the form of capsules. Later, you just directly consume it regularly based on the instruction. You don’t need to worry because activated charcoal is safe to consume. Because of its popularity to solve several types of diseases, this product is easy to buy right now. You can just buy it in the local pharmacy around your living area. If you can’t find it, you can also buy it online from reputable online pharmacies or online stores. The most important thing is that you have to follow the instruction strictly. It is also a must for you to go to the doctor to consult about whether you are allowed to consume this product or not.

Furthermore, if you feel better after consuming activated charcoal for gas treatment, you have to stop it right away. This product is not for regular consumption. The common dose of this medication treatment is 50 grams up to 100 grams for adult. It is also possible for children to consume this activated charcoal with lower dosage. Actually, you can give it to your children only for about 10 grams up to 25 grams. Don’t forget to eat your meal first before consuming activated charcoal. One of common side effects after consuming this product is diarrhea so it is important to get a recommendation for your doctor first. The impact of this medication is various and it depends on your health condition. Commonly, you will feel better after consuming it for a few days. Just notice that it is a must for you to prevent combination medication with doctor prescription. So, you can try it right now and hopefully your stomach gets better. 
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