BBQ Indonesia, What Does Make It Special?

on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

You may be familiar with barbeque. Because barbeque is popular, every country has its unique barbeque technique. How about Indonesia?

Barbeque Indonesia

We know that bbq refers to cooking technique to grill some ingredients, such as chicken, meat, and many more. In Indonesia, barbeque is also popular. But, there are some unique techniques used by Indonesia people to create their own barbeque.

Let’s we talk about the ingredients first. Same with other countries, Indonesia often use various ingredients for making barbeque. For example is grilled chicken. Chicken will be delicious food if it is grilled using barbeque technique. In Indonesia, chicken barbeque is so popular. After grilling chicken for several times, chicken will be served with sauce. Uniquely, every city in Indonesia has different sauce to serve chicken barbeque.

That makes bbq Indonesia becomes unique. Actually, there are still many uniqueness of barbeque Indonesia. In other city, making barbeque looks simple because barbeque can be made by using instant barbeques seasonings, and finally grilling chicken or meat above charcoal. But in Indonesia, chicken or meat seasoned by natural seasonings. As we know that Indonesia has so many natural seasonings. It makes bbq Indonesia feels different and delicious.

In Indonesia, you can also find fish barbeque. It is other popular barbeque in Indonesia. We know that Indonesia is a city with large ocean area. So, people in Indonesia usually consume fish. To make the fish more delicious, Indonesian people make fish barbeque. By seasoning fish with natural seasonings, fish will be more delicious. After that, the fish will be grilled over charcoal.

For your information, Indonesian people usually use coconut barbeque or hardwood charcoal barbeque to grill fish and meat. So, no wonder if the taste of bbq Indonesia is delicious and awesome. You have to try it when you visit Indonesia.

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