How to Make Charcoal Barbeque using Modern Roaster

on Friday, August 31, 2018

Due to the invention or roaster, microwave, and others, it is now not really common to find the charcoal barbeque. Yes, charcoal is a traditional way to cook the meat. Although the process is a little bit difficult, the meals produced are believed to be more delicious. So, how can you make modern barbeque taste like the charcoal ones?

Small to Medium Heat

When we use charcoal, it is basically quite difficult to make a big flame. Despite the process is really slow, charcoal itself tends to keep the flame to produce heat which is not too high. In other words, it is the main key how the charcoal barbeque tends to be naturally juicy. Sure, this actually can just be realized using your modern roaster. The middle part of roaster is function to make the flame anyway.

Therefore, rather than to make a big flame on the stove, make sure that it is small enough. The heat produced is then around small and medium. The heat is probably produced a little bit longer just like on the charcoal. But of course, the BBQ cooked also tends to be juicier and more tender as well as the spices are absorbed well.

Simple Spices

If you think that the deliciousness of traditional barbeque comes from the charcoal, it is not absolutely true. In the past, there are not too many manufactured spices just like now. Therefore, the spices used are those which natural and simple except you want to make BBQ Indonesia. We actually only need to use salt and pepper for such a taste.

So, the steps are as follows. Just soak medium-sized meats in the water with salt and pepper and wait for some minutes. Then, you can put them on the roaster. When it is half-cooked, soak them again in the spices and continue the process some more times. This idea is good also for coconut barbeque.

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