How to Handle Meat on Barbeque

on Sunday, June 3, 2018

Bbq Indonesia is the first thing that is in your mind. Summer will be fun when organizing this event. Here's how to handle meat for this party.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

How to store and handle raw meat is important so that you do not experience poisoning. You must store raw meat separately. Do not forget to use different equipment while processing this meat. Do not use the same seasoning for raw and cooked meat.

Take Longer

Meat takes a long time when cooked in charcoal barbeque. Meat needs to be cooked thoroughly. Chickens, sausages, and burgers should be cooked at just the right time to get the perfect texture. You can wait for a cloud of smoke to appear from the toaster.


It is a good idea to cook meat before you put the meat on a coconut barbeque. You roast the chicken just to get a smoky taste. Your mind will not be burdened because you already know that the chicken is ripe. You can cook chicken in the oven at the right temperature.

Scorched Does Not Mean Cooked

If you see a charred chicken skin, then it does not mean meat is cooked on the inside. You should check the inside of the food regularly. You must make sure that the meat is not pink and the meat juice is clear. If the barbeque meat is not cooked yet, then you will make your guest's stomach ache. You definitely do not want to make your guests nauseous and vomit after eating meat.

Do not Wash Raw Chicken

You will only flush germs while washing the chicken. These germs can make your cookware contaminated with bacteria. You just have to boil the chicken to kill all the germs. This is the right and quick way to remove germs from the chicken. That's how to handle meat exactly when you want to hold a bbq party.

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