Charcoal Or Gas Grill - Which Is Better

on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Most Americans have both charcoal grill and gas grills in their homes. However, you can't deny that even if you have both of them, you would still prefer one over the other, right? So which is really better, charcoal grill or gas grill?

The characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the two grills will be discussed in this article. While this has been debated for quite a long time now, this aims to help people who are looking for grills for the first time. Read the comparison below and decide which among the two would best suit your taste and the kind of lifestyle you have.

A matter of convenience

In the matter of convenience, the gas grill remains king. Gas bbq grillers light up almost instantly, requiring only about 10 minutes for it to heat up. Charcoal bbq grills, on the other hand, needs more time to heat up. Most charcoal grills will require 15-20 minutes heat up time, almost twice the time it takes for the gas grill.

In using a gas grill, you only have to turn on a knob and wait for it to heat up. In a charcoal grill, you have to prepare charcoal briquettes, heat them up, arrange them in a proper manner and even fan the coals so that the embers won't die. It is also messier to handle charcoals than it is to handle gas. In addition, the heat coming from charcoal briquettes have a tendency to die down so you need to pay attention to your grill.

However, a charcoal bbq machine needs just about 15 minutes to half an hour to be assembled. In assembling gas grills, which are more complicated, you need to set aside around 2 hours of your time.

A matter of taste and authenticity

All the arguments on convenience in the world would not convince hardcore charcoal grillers to change their mind. Why? They say that only charcoal barbecuing is the authentic kind of grilling. You can grill food on gas grills, yes, but they will not have the same smoky flavor charcoal grilling gives. Some grillers burn some wood in their charcoal grill because smoke coming from the burning wood gives better flavor to the food. Expert grillers can also easily smoke food on their charcoal grills.

Gas grills on the other hand can quickly cook food such as fruits and vegetables which do not taste that great when overwhelmed with smoke. The heat a gas grill can give is consisted and can easily be adjusted, something virtually impossible to do with a charcoal grill. However, a gas grill could not offer the same intensity of heat as that of a charcoal grill.

How clean can you go?

Gas bbq cooking is way cleaner than using a charcoal grill. You need not deal with charcoal briquettes and starter fluid and the like. You only have to turn it on and wait for 10 minutes. You also won't have to deal with the ashy remnants left behind after grilling. In cleaning up, you only have to brush the steel grates of the gas grill and you're good to go.

Charcoal cooking, on the other hand, requires much more process in cleaning up. Charcoal briquettes are not the neatest things on earth. They can leave marks everywhere, including your clothes, if you are not careful. In cleaning the grill, you have to scrub the ashes off the steel grates every time you use it.

Regarding maintenance, in gas bbq machines, you have to always check the gas connections, replace the flavor briquettes and refill the grill's propane tanks. The grill's ignition and grates may also need to be replaced over time. Of course, you need to clean the inner components every now and then.

When you're using a charcoal machine, you have to replace its grates every now and then. There aren't that many components inside a charcoal grill so there isn't much to maintain and replace.

What about the cost?

Charcoal bbq cooking machines are most definitely cheaper than its gas counterpart. You can get a simple one for only $20- $85. If you want something high-end, you can buy a deluxe charcoal grill for around $400. On the other hand, most gas grills cost around $150- $300. Those are the basic models of gas grills. If you want a high-end version of it, you can get one and shell around $1000- $1500.

So which one is better?

I have enumerated the pros and cons of the gas barbecue grill and the charcoal. If you want something convenient, go for the gas grill. If the smoky taste of grilled food is what you've been imagining, by all means go for a charcoal grill.

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