Type of Charcoal You Can Use for Barbeque to Celebrate New Year

on Friday, June 12, 2015

Do you need charcoal for barbeque part to celebrate New Year? If it is so, you have to make sure that you get the best charcoal. You need to know that different type of charcoal give different impact to the meats. If it is your first time to use charcoal and you need a reference, you can just take wicked good charcoal. The main reason why you have to choose this type of charcoal is because it can cook your meats faster without changing the taste of the meat itself.

On the other hand, it is also a good option for you who want to apply slow cooking method. In addition, you need to know that a good charcoal doesn’t sparkling. This is the second reason why you have to choose wicked good charcoal. Actually, this type of charcoal doesn’t produce any kind of spark. You don’t need take time too long to ignite this charcoal and again this is considered as a good quality of charcoal. Now, they are coming with their new product. Their new charcoal product is made of hardwood. Hardwood is considered as a good material for charcoal. To give the best charcoal for you, they are creating it by using three different types of hardwood.

The different between this new wicked good charcoal and the previous product is on its density. This new charcoal is denser and it means you will have long burning time charcoal. So, you can use this type of charcoal for the whole night especially if you want to use barbeque party in your New Year celebration. Despite of the fact that this charcoal is a little bit difficult to ignite, you still get satisfaction when you take this type of charcoal. There is a case that some people are avoiding charcoal because of its aroma. It seems that the aroma change the taste of the meat and vegetables in barbeque process. It seems that this charcoal is the answer of your problem. This is because you will not smell any kind of aroma especially bad aroma. So, you can cook the meat and vegetables without any kind of problem. The most important thing is that you can enjoy the meat and vegetables well without any bad aroma from the charcoal. If it is hard for you to find wicked good charcoal, you can also take coconut charcoal for your alternative. It is also considered as a good charcoal and even environmentally friendly charcoal.
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