Barbeque with Coconut Charcoal

on Thursday, May 15, 2014

Barbeque is so identical with charcoal. In here, charcoal is the main fuel. For now, it is easy to find charcoal. The price is also affordable enough. Unfortunately, the regular charcoal is not effective. Burn the charcoal is also not easy. This is why people need to be more patient. In this time, charcoal appears with the varied choice. Talking about the interesting choice, there is coconut charcoal. This charcoal becomes more popular now. Unlike the regular charcoal, coconut charcoal is a cultured product. It has made from coconut shell. It is also more effective than the regular charcoal. This is why it becomes more popular for barbeque.

The Effectiveness of Coconut Charcoal

Maybe coconut charcoal has the higher price, but it is more effective in many aspects. Unlike the regular charcoal, coconut charcoal is hotter. The highest temperature is about 800ºF. Interestingly, the temperature is stable enough. Although it has made from coconut shell, there is no coconut flavor at all. Impressively, the smell of coconut shell charcoal is also neutral. It is so different with the regular charcoal. This is why it is perfect for bbq.

Burning coconut charcoal is like burning the real wood. Even it not felt like grilling charcoal briquettes. People can get the clean burn and the good smell. Coconut charcoal is also more effective in heating and cooking food. Just by 16 pieces of coconut charcoal, you can get a high temperature. It makes seven pounds coconut charcoal box equal with 14 pounds bag of the regular charcoal. Maybe buy coconut charcoal can be more expensive, but with the comparison, the price looks not too different with the regular charcoal.

To get the best performance, it is better to use wicked good charcoal. You also need to use charcoal filter. Make sure to remember it, and the barbeque party will be more fun.

How to Buy Coconut Charcoal

The best thing about coconut charcoal is about the environmentally friendly. There is no strange smell and chemicals, but you also need to know it. The different producer means the different quality. For this, you need to find the reliable coconut charcoal supplier. In the good supplier, you can get many choices, including hookah coal. More types mean more choices. You can choose it based on your need, but whatever the choice, this charcoal is a good charcoal with barbecue. If you want it all, you can get it in here. Talking about the price, this place has the reasonable offers. Impressively, the price is so competitive.
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